La Fondazione SERICS The Foundation SERICS - Security and Rights in CyberSpace, is a foundation established in compliance with the principles and according to the legal scheme of the participation foundation within the broader genre of foundations governed by the Civil Code and related laws.

The Foundation's main purpose is scientific and technological research and, in this perspective, it is established to be the implementing entity of the extended Partnership "SERICS - Security and Rights in CyberSpace" financed followingthe participation in the Public Notice "for the presentation of Proposals for the creation of "Partnerships extended to universities research centres, companies for the funding of basic research projects" - as part of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, Mission 4 "Education and Research" - Component 2 "From Research to Enterprise" - Investment 1. 3, funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU - Notice No. 341 of 15.3.2022 (hereinafter Public Notice). – Avviso nr. 341 del 15.3.2022 (d’ora in poi Avviso Pubblico).

The international reviewers' assessment of the proposal well summarises the proposal's activities and possible impact.

The proposal identifies many key security and privacy issues that cause societal harm, economic losses and hinder the adoption of smart city technologies.

The proposal defines a broad research agenda encompassing technical, legal and societal issues related to security and privacy and includes the best academic and industrial researchers with the necessary expertise to make progress on these problems.

This proposal, if it makes progress along the proposed lines, has the potential to be of great impact in improving the economy, security, society and governance of Italy, the EU in general and the world at large.".”

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