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Human, social and legal aspects (CNR)

Research Director, CNR

The main objective of TA 1 is to investigate how to create a compelling and secure Cyberspace by combining sound technological systems with strong and robust regulation of human behavior. This will be based on an innovative ecosystem where experts in technology, law, ethics, sociology, and education will bring together to create a process that, through a holistic perspective, can anticipate and test new cybersecurity policies. In particular, TA 1 will cover and produce new knowledge on regulatory, legal and ethical aspects of CyberSpace. Detailed objectives of TA 1 can be classified into five macro- categories. The first category deals with rights, rules, definitions, taxonomies, and authorities aimed at creating new forms of co-regulation for cyberspace. The second category analyzes legal and ethical issues for cybersafety, such as fundamental rights related to this new ecosystem. The third category encompasses lifelong learning and education models on legal issues of cybersecurity. The fourth category comprehends cybercrime and cyber diplomacy as important and crucial elements of a new national strategy by developing the knowledge on this issue to the academic and general public. The fifth category includes digital sovereignty, even for computations and technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, and cloud, fog, and edge computing, and their applications in specific sectors, like those concerned with energy and transport.

Project: Law and regulation for a better-safe Cyberspace (CYBERIGHTS)
PI: Andrea SIMONCINI, Full Professor, UNIFI

Project: Digital Sovereignty (DiSe)
PI: Fabio MARTINELLI, Research Director, CNR

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