Spoke 8:
Risk Management and Governance

Full Professor, UNIBO

TA 8 aims to contribute to the cyber resilience of future systems and services characterized by increasingly interconnected digital components that are intrinsically vulnerable as required by the EU through NIS and NIS2, and by the Italian National Agency for Cybersecurity (ACN). To this purpose, it proposes a holistic approach to risk-based cybersecurity that must also include resilience, privacy, safety of organizations, industries, critical infrastructures and related supply chains. This TA includes interdisciplinary competencies that are suitable to face both scientific-technological and legal and political challenges through novel models for continuous evaluation of threats and vulnerabilities but also through the design of self-defensive network components. TA 8 aims also to further the vision that a developed digital Europe requires the protection of fundamental rights and freedoms, the promotion of social awareness and widespread cyber training, as well as the achievement of a gender balance in cybersecurity.

Project: Risk management for future cyber-physical ecosystems (EcoCyber)
PI: Michele COLAJANNI, Full Professor, UNIBO

Project: imPROving The rEsilience to Cyberattacks of distributed ICT InfrastrucTures (PROTECT-IT)
PI: Antonio LIOY, Full Professor, POLITO

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