Spoke 5:
Cryptography and Distributed Systems Security

Full Professor, affiliated to UNICAL

TA 5 is mainly concerned with research activities in cryptography and distributed system security domains. Given the vastness of these domains and to identify concrete objectives aimed at obtaining long-term results of high technological level and possible impact on the country, TA 5 sees the coexistence of two souls. Among the subtopics (i) cryptographic primitives and protocols, (ii) foundational cryptography and cryptanalysis, (iii) post-quantum crypto, (iv) digital identity, authentication and accountability, and (v) distributed ledgers and blockchain, the two souls are the continuous search for the deepening of knowledge (in all the fields mentioned above), and the plan to apply this investigative approach to applied research goals. During the lifetime of the present initiative, this will be achieved by implementing a single unifying project focused on the notion of digital identification and tracing, by interpreting this notion also from unconventional perspectives. According to this general objective, the research lines of TA 5 will move along different tracks, stimulating continuous interactions between them and vertical applications of the results on specific application domains.

Project Secure and TRaceable Identities in Distributed Environments (STRIDE):
PI: Francesco BUCCAFURRI, Full Professor, affiliated to UNICAL

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