Spoke 4:
Operating Systems and Virtualization Security


Alessandro ARMANDO
Full Professor, UNIGE

Operating Systems (OS) and Virtualization Technologies (VT) are key enablers for existing and emerging computation and communication paradigms, namely cloud, fog, edge computing and 5G/6G. By leveraging the primitive security mechanisms provided by the hardware, OS and VT offer key security mechanisms and services (e.g., basic identity management and access control) upon which the security of applications, and henceforth of the whole cyberspace, is rooted. TA 4 is concerned with developing high-level automated security services and innovative security assessment and assurance methodologies to support the secure-by-design development and verification of cloud, edge, and 5G applications. The effectiveness of the proposed techniques will be assessed by stress-testing them in simulated, yet highly realistic attack scenarios, safely run within a platform of federated Cyber Ranges.

Project: Securing Containers (SecCo)
PI: Luca VERDERAME, Assistant Professor (RTD-B), UNIGE

Project: Security in 5G and beyond (5Gsec)
PI: Raffaele BOLLA, Full Professor, UNIGE

Project: Affordable, Reusable and Truly Interoperable Cyber ranges (ARTIC)
PI: Enrico RUSSO, Assistant Professor (RTD-A), UNIGE

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