Spoke 6:
Software and Platform Security

Riccardo FOCARDI
Full Professor, UNIVE

The first scientific goal of TA 6 is to provide an ecosystem where software developers can easily reason about software security. This will be based on innovative security-aware programming abstractions and new semantic models that will allow to formalize, verify, and certify security properties according to a secure-by-design methodology. The aim is to develop new formal techniques based on secure compilation and secure composition, to reduce the gap between formal models, essential to provide full guarantees of correctness, and actual implementations. The second scientific goal is to provide innovative solutions to protect the software supply chain, including the software management and development process. The aim is to develop new techniques to perform security tests through continuous dynamic analysis and to protect software, detecting malicious activities and preventing or limiting their impact, according to a self-defense paradigm. Test scenarios will be used to validate and experimentally evaluate the proposed techniques.

Project: Supply Chain Attack Avoidance (SCAI)
PI: Flaminia Luccio, Associate Professor, UNIVE

Project: Securing softWare frOm first PrincipleS (SWOPS)
PI: Gabriele Costa, Associate Professor, IMT

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