Spoke 7:
Infrastructure Security (POLITO)

Stefano DI CARLO
Full Professor, POLITO

TA 7 has as its general objective the advancement of infrastructure security technologies. This general goal translates into four specific objectives: (i) Designing and developing an open and nationally available secure computing architecture that will be the starting point for the construction of secure infrastructures that do not suffer from potential risks deriving from the use of proprietary technologies; (ii) Improving the safety of the automotive infrastructure, which, with the massive interconnection and electrification of cars, will become one of the most vulnerable assets in the country; (iii) Improving safety, security, and resiliency of Smart power grids, which are a fundamental component for optimizing energy use and for achieving the Green deal; (iv) Contributing to the improvement of the security posture of the ITC assets (i.e., networks, IT/OT systems and services) included within the “Perimetro di Sicurezza Nazionale Cibernetica” (Cybersecurity National Perimeter) by providing ontologies, methodologies, guidelines, best practices, and tools.

Project: Secure AND Safe infrasTructures fOR cps in the compute continuuM (SANDSTORM)
PI: Stefano DI CARLO, Full Professor, POLITO

Project: Securing the third millennium’s cyber-CARs (SCAR)
PI: Ilaria MATTEUCCI, Researcher, CNR

Project: Smart-Grid Cyber-physical Security (SCS)
PI: Mario MARCHESE, Full Professor, UNIGE

Project: Eraclito
PI: Paolo PRINETTO, Full Professor, IMT


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  • Roodsari, Mahboobe Sadeghipour, Fatemeh Sheikhshoaei, Nicolo Maunero, Paolo Prinetto, and Zain Navabi (2023). LiFi-CFI: Light-weight Fine-grained Hardware CFI Protection for RISC-V. In 2023 IEEE International Conference on Design, Test and Technology of Integrated Systems (DTTIS), pp. 1-6. IEEE, 2023.

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